Telerik International University

established 2005, Sofia

Distant Learning

Cultural Studies and Educational Science

We believe in education and we really think that education should be accessible for everyone. This is why we started our Distant Learning program back in 2007 according to the latest standards and using the newest technologies in the telecommunications to make education affordable for people anywhere in the world.

Ideal conditions for studying natural sciences

We already support Web-based VoIP, Videoconferencing, Web conferencing, Internet radio and Live streaming. This year we invested $2.6 million in creating a much bigger asynchronous technology base to support people, who cannot use the latest technologies in their region. We transferred 94% of our materials on Audiocassettes, VHS, CD and DVD, and we are almost finished with a massive print materials section that can be ordered very easy per Mail or sent to a local copy shop and printed there!

Integrative environmental research

Our online education program offers both Undergraduate and Graduate programs for those students who are not able to joins us on campus.