Telerik International University

established 2005, Sofia

Academic facilities

Seven faculties

The TUI provides the ideal conditions for completing a degree program successfully and within a reasonable time frame. Ever since its foundation, the university has been committed to reform. Seven faculties have been established, each with long-term strategies for development and using the most up-to-date facilities available.

As a student at TIU, you have direct, unfettered access to scientific resources and you can use to help your self-education plan.

Among the most important scientific institutions on campus are:

  • Data Center
  • Center for Art and Music
  • Languages ​​and Education Center
  • Center for Mathematics and Science
  • Law Library
  • Merriam-Webster Library
  • "Books and Coffee" Internet Café
  • Brook's theater

For those of you who are involved in sports, whether professional or novice, we have invested in a state-of-the-art sports facility called The Dome. There you will find a fully equipped fitness center, basketball court, indoor pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and an outdoor soccer field.