Telerik International University

established 2005, Sofia

Why TIU?

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Know how to live!

At TIU we believe in teaching you the knowhow of life. In order to lead a good life, one must excel in education, succeed in his profession and enjoy the free time in between. This is why life at TIU encompasses not only academics, but also activities that will shape your character and lead you to success.


In order to expect you to excel, we must excel at what we do. We believe in making a real impact on the world by constantly growing, hiring the best staff and investing in the newest technology. You will have access to an impressive range of resources to support your studies including an outstanding academic library and some of the best computing resources.


Education is the prelude to profession. What use is a diploma unless it makes you highly demanded by the world of employers? TIU’s reputation in the business world combined with its contacts and internship programs is a guarantee for your ability to land directly into your dream job right after graduation.