Telerik International University

established 2005, Sofia


  • Digital Signage Technology summit

    Las Vegas | Dates: 19 – 21 Oct, 2011

    Transform how you communicate with your employees, students, visitors, customers, and more! Digital signage has become a more efficient and effective way to communicate in university campuses, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, entertainment centers, and more. Now is the time to take your digital signage to the next level. Transform your communications and complement your existing web presence, emails, newsletters, meetings, and posters with digital signage. There is nowhere else you can join real-world practitioners and experts in such an empowering and educational forum.

  • TIU scientists attend world ecology summit

    Montreal | Dates: 21 – 30 Oct, 2011

    Hosted by Urban Ecology Montréal, Ecocity World Summit 2011 will build on work of past Ecocity World Summits while adding new conference themes, participatory methods, and projects that will last beyond the life of the conference. Detailed conference content and design will be developed in collaboration with local and international partners, making sure that the particular urban ecological expertise of Montréal is highlighted.

  • West Coast Energy Management Congress

    Long Beach | Dates: 30 Nov – 09 Dec, 2011

    The West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC) is the largest energy conference and technology expo held on the U.S. West Coast specifically for business, industrial and institutional energy users. It brings together the top experts in all areas of the field to help you set a clear, optimum path to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability, as well as innovation solutions to improve your ROI. You can explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply and alternative energy options, and learn about innovative project implementation strategies. The multi-track conference covers a variety of topics, many specific to the region.